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44 {Healthy} Foods Under $1


I get messages daily regarding finances and eating healthy. Some girls have said they cannot afford healthy food… some girls have said that their parents won’t pay for healthy food because it’s “too expensive”… Here is an article that proves otherwise! Print it out and give it to your parents! lol .. but seriously.. this is a very cool breakdown for those of you watching your wallet!

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Ok so I keep getting questions about cereal so I thought I’d address it! =) 

If you are really craving a cold cereal.. here are a few tips I suggest. 

  • Look for cereals high in fiber - You’re going to have to turn the box around and read the ingredients and nutrition facts label! 
  • Look for whole grains - The whole grains should be listed as the first several ingredients!
  • Look for low sugar varieties - The less sugar the better. Remember the only “good” time to have sugar is immediately post-workout during the “anabolic window”.

This is the only cereal I have been able to find that meets that criteria. (There might be more out there like it, but they’re usually sold in health food stores). It tastes like cardboard… BUT… if you add some unsweetened vanilla almond milk, cinnamon and a little Stevia.. it tastes AMAZING!!!! Give it a try! It’s called Kashi 7 Whole Grain Cereals *PUFFS. Pair this with some eggs and you’ve got yourself a well balanced meal of protein, complex carbs and fats!!/MuffinTop_Less

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How a Suit Jacket or Sport Coat Should Fit

A couple of weeks ago, I said that there are different schools of thought on how a jacket should fit, but trousers should only fit one way. Upon reflection, I now realize that was a bit misleading. There’s a difference between style and fit. Generally speaking, style is about silhouette, whereas fit is about whether something sit on you correctly. Simon Crompton has a good article about this difference. 

There are different silhouettes for jackets, but the rules we have for how they should fit are similar to those we have for trousers. There shouldn’t be any pulls or puckers along the front or back, the sleeves should be free of any ripples when the arms are naturally hanging down, and the jacket should have clean lines all around. These principles should be true regardless of the jacket’s style (e.g. clean, draped, padded, natural, skinny, full). 

Unlike trousers, however, suit jackets and sport coats are much harder to fit well. Their construction is more complicated, so there are more things that can go wrong. Above is a set of photographs I’ve stolen from Macaroni Tomato and slightly modified. Each photo illustrates a common defect. Click on each of the photographs, and you’ll see that they’re lettered.

  • Fig. A. Sleevehead and Collar: The most difficult areas to fit well are perhaps the shoulders and collar. A properly fitting jacket shouldn’t have any indentations in the sleeveheads and it should stay glued to your neck at all times. 
  • Fig. B. Strained Buttoning Point: Here tightness at the buttoning point can result in a jacket pulling around the waist, effectively forming an “X.” To be sure, this is sometimes purposefully done in the name of fashion, but more often than not, it’s a sign that a jacket is too tight. (Note that the jacket pictured here doesn’t have problems in this area). 
  • Fig C. Messy Back: Likewise, the back can have unsightly folds or pulling along the waist, around the shoulder blades, and underneath the collar. A well fitting jacket should have none of these issues, but rather fit cleanly.
  • Fig. D. Sleeve Pitch: If the sleeve isn’t attached to the jacket at a degree that harmonizes with the wearer’s natural stance, you may see furrows along the sleeve. You can see an example of this here
  • Fig. E. Flared Vents: A properly fitting jacket should always have closed vents, like the ones in this picture. Make sure yours don’t flare out or gape. 
  • Fig. F. Balance: The term “balance” can refer to a few things on a jacket, but in this case, we’re talking about the relationship between the front and back of the jacket, as well as left and right sides. There are two schools of thought on how the front and back should balance. Most tailors believe that the front should be slightly longer than the back, but a few think they should evenly align. Here, the jacket’s front is even with the back. Another aspect of balance concerns the left and right sides. Here there is less controversy; these two parts should always be dead even with each other along the hem. If you wish to read more about this issue, check out this article by Michael Anton.

Like we saw for trousers, there can be a number of causes for these defects. Depending on the cause and how your jacket is constructed, an alterationist tailor may or may not be able to fix the problems for you (at least within a reasonable cost). The easiest to fix are Figures B and C. Indeed, those are rather common to clean up, so unless you see severe problems in those areas, you needn’t worry about them. The rest you should probably make sure fits right off the peg. 

To read more about fit, you can check out my posts on trousers and silhouettes, as well as Jesse’s posts on jackets, collar gaps, an unfortunate Pitti Uomo attendee, and Conan O’Brien. This simple guide by Esquire and Ethan Desu’s comments are also worth reviewing. 

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Ranting. Health vs Fitness

If you’re unhealthy… then you’re unhealthy.  The hardest part is admitting that to yourself.


JK. In all honesty, health (mostly overweight problems, losing weight) has always been a subject that I like to talk about.  It’s in my major and I want to do something in my life about it.  I want to do outreach.  I want to talk at schools, organizations.  I want to show people why I love being healthy and fit.  I want to run with children, play games… I want to help people run their first mile.  I want to help push people to their limit.  but Ive said it a million times on here, I have weight problems.

I don’t have weight problems now but it was def a reality in my past.  The two things I was made fun of… 1. being asian. and 2. being fat. it was the bain of my elementary life.

As you can see, there’s a distinct “and” in between health and fitness. That’s because they’re 2 different things.  You can be healthy without being fit.  You can be fit without being healthy.  When people want you to be healthier… they aren’t asking you to go out and get a 6-pack of abs. They’re asking you to stop eating shitty food, get off your butt and just move around a little (go walk around the mall, go bask in the sun, do some house chores, just MOVE), stop eating too much food in general (if you eat a whole bag of “healthy” chips…. in the end of the day you still ate a whole bag of chips… see the point?), drink WATER none of that sugar crap.

And the list can go on and on.  

You know what the best part of being healthy is?

I go to the buffet.  I love chinese food.  I love sushi.  I love fried fish tacos.  My biggest vice…. bbq kettle chips.  C’mon guys. I’m only human.  I do eat badly also… but I’m healthy.  It’s all about moderation.  Don’t over indulge everyday… it’s almost greedy.  Do you really need fast food twice in a row?  Do you really need that extra thing?  What did you do today to deserve this treat?  But you know, things happen.  Sometimes you HAVE to eat fast food twice a day… but those are called exceptions… your whole life isn’t a big exception.

In the end of the day… you know if you’re unhealthy or not.  You know if you are even if you tell people otherwise.. and that’s ok.  This is a personal journey.  If you don’t want to share it- then don’t.  Simple as that.

Phew, long rant.

So tumblr, are you healthy?

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